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Reusing concrete
Asphalt millings, concrete, metal and steel are the most common types of construction waste; but the Broadway Curve project team has future plans for all of them.
I-10 and Broadway-Belle Butte
There's something magical in a state where each new bend in the road reveals a new feast for the senses, and that magic translates magnificently into photos feature on ADOT's Flickr account. And readers like you must agree: The site recently attained 10 million page views!
Broadway Curve Improvement Project
Two major closures on I-10 in Phoenix will be in place beginning the night of Friday, April 22, through the early morning hours of Monday, April 25. Here's background on the work being performed and why the closures are necessary.
Remote-controlled trench roller
This trench crawling, soil compacting machine almost looks like a toy, but looks can be deceiving. It's a hard worker on highway construction sites.
Dinnebito Wash Bridge
The Dinnebito Wash Bridge is a vital crossing on State Route 264, the highway that links together all the Hopi villages. This is why the bridge rehabilitation project is so important.
Roundabout on SR 88 at Superstition Boulevard
The studies are in, and the evidence is clear: Roundabouts are safer than traditional intersections with stop lights. They've caught on in Europe, but America is slower to embrace them.
Box culvert deck pour
Everything you've ever wanted to know about box culverts, but were too afraid to ask!
ADOT Geologist James Lemmon
James Lemmon's job at ADOT rocks. Literally, it's all about rocks.
SRL202 Now Open Graphic
After a year of being open to Valley drivers, what's your favorite memory of the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway?


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