Motorcycle Safety

Whether you are on two wheels or four, now is the time to make motorcycle safety a priority.
Dynamic Message Sign: Blind Spots Hide Motorcycles Always Look Twice
ADOT's state engineer hopes you'll resolve to be more aware of other motorists, whether they’re driving a vehicle with two wheels or four.
Dynamic Message Sign: Look Twice for Motorcycles
Valley drivers can expect to see lots of motorcyclist on the road this week. We're encouraging all drivers to make it a smooth ride for everyone on the highway.
As temperatures begin to rise, expect to look twice for motorcycles on the road.
"Blind spots hide motorcycles always look twice"
You've probably noticed more motorcycles on the roads this week and we hope you're keeping an eye out for them when driving.
Spring usually brings out motorcyclists and bicyclists, making this a good time for safety reminders.
ADOT is using Motorcycle Awareness Month to remind drivers of all vehicles – two-wheeled, four-wheeled and more – to be more aware of motorcycles, making roads safer for everyone.


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