Move Over Law

Dynamic Message Boards - "Fender Bender? Save your rear / quickly clear"
If you are in the fender bender, the most crucial thing to remember is simple: Move over. Get out of the travel lanes. You don’t have to preserve the scene of non-injury crash.
Flashing Lights? Give'em space - move over.
You may have already seen this safety message, but it's no less important than the first time it was posted.
move over az logo
A safety campaign geared toward northern Arizona will feature safety messages on overhead signs and on ADOT’s social media channels.
Car moves over to avoid stopped vehicle
Today we've provided a refresher on the "Move Over" law and a preview of overhead highways you'll be seeing.
Slow down Move over Awareness Day banner
An upcoming freeway parade will highlight the importance of Arizona's 'Move Over' law.
Highway Sign: "2 road workers killed this month - drive alert"
Following two incidents in the past 10 days where two road workers having been hit on state highways, ADOT is reminding drivers to pay attention in work zones.
Move over AZ logo
Arizona's Move Over law is designed to protect all drivers and those who work on or next to our roads.
Move over AZ logo
Every day, AAA assists more than 1,200 stranded drivers across the state. For these motorists and the roadside assistance workers who help them, being stuck alongside a busy highway can be a scary and potentially dangerous experience ...
Cars on the highway
Many drivers got our message yesterday to Move Over, thanks, in part, to the local media …


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