Move Over Law

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Arizona's Move Over law is designed to protect all drivers and those who work on or next to our roads.
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Every day, AAA assists more than 1,200 stranded drivers across the state. For these motorists and the roadside assistance workers who help them, being stuck alongside a busy highway can be a scary and potentially dangerous experience ...
Cars on the highway
Many drivers got our message yesterday to Move Over, thanks, in part, to the local media …
ADOT workers removing debris from the shoulder of a highway as vehicle speed by.
There’s something really simple you can do to help prevent a serious danger out on our highways and roads – want to know what it is?
Meter Installation on the side of the freeway
Ever been stuck on the side of the road? Perhaps a flat tire was to blame, or maybe an overheated engine forced you to pull over. Whatever the reason, most will agree the side of a busy freeway is not the ideal parking spot.


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