MVD Test
Testing to get your driver license has come a long way from the paper and pencil days.
Weatherometer from 1972
Today's "From the ADOT Archives" post showcases a piece of equipment used decades ago.
Weather tested wood
An Accelerated Weathering Tester is used by ADOT’s Materials Testing team to analyze how well paint will perform on ADOT projects, come rain or shine.
ADOT emergency vehicle with solar powered light bar and solar panel (inset)
Our calendar is nearing the first day of summer and as temperatures start to soar we’re reminded (as we are every year) that Arizona gets sunshine … a lot of sunshine. Fortunately, ADOT is able to put some of those rays to work.
Arizona Driver License Manual cover
Whatever your reason is, if you want to brush up on your skills and learn about proper vehicle safety you can visit the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division website. There you’ll find the Arizona Driver License Manual, available for download as a PDF.
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