Snow plow clearing the road
Fall is here and winter weather is just around the corner. Find out what the experts are predicting for winter 2016.
Thunderstorm Development
With more monsoon rain in the forecast this week, we're explaining the climatological features responsible for monsoon storms.
Crews work building freeway sound walls in the summer heat.
Arizona is known for its extreme heat. Each of us can take precautions to help ensure we’ll stay safe in Arizona's extreme temperatures.
El Niño movement diagram
The El Niño forecast has had many, including people at ADOT, planning for downpours in the desert and lots of snow in the high country. So what happened, and is it too late for a wet spring?
Snow plow clearing the road
Hard as it may be to believe, this is still a season for snow in Arizona. Because of that ADOT has snowplow drivers at the ready, including drivers of our new TowPlow.
Snowplow clearing the road
When Arizona’s latest winter storm hit Sunday evening, ADOT crews went into high gear.


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