Don't park in tall brush DMS
Those signs saying don't park in tall brush or don't drag chains? There's a serious reason for them.
Triple axle trailer loaded with logs
Five years ago, ADOT helped launch the Health Forest Initiative to help prevent large wildfires and protect infrastructure. Now we're expanding that effort.
Smoke from a fire arises from the rocks along side the road.
Sparks from dragging chains, underinflated tires and tossed cigarettes can and do start fires along state highways. Here's how you can help.
Measuring a chuckwalla with a ruler
Director John Halikowski shares how the Arizona Department of Transportation collaborates with other agencies to improve service and save taxpayer dollars.
"Fri 10pm - Mon 5am, I-1o West closed at 59th ave"
Our #FridayFive includes wildfire info, a new reports on crashes, and even some toilet paper.


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