Work Zone

Work zone with traffic cones, speed limit and curve sign
During Work Zone Awareness Week, we are doing our best again to engage the public about how to stay safe in work zones.
ADOT crew smooths new asphalt.
National Work Zone Awareness Week is almost upon us once again, and this year’s theme is “Drive Like You Work Here.”
Speed Reduced Ahead warning sign
Work zones go hand-in-hand with freeways. We want everyone - including our crews - to get home safely, so here are a few tips on how to navigate construction zones.
"Speed Reduced Ahead"
ADOT highway workers share the importance of work zone safety.
Work zone
Motorists are key players in improving construction zone safety.
Highway Sign: "2 road workers killed this month - drive alert"
Following two incidents in the past 10 days where two road workers having been hit on state highways, ADOT is reminding drivers to pay attention in work zones.


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