Cameron roadway improvement project update

Cameron roadway improvement project update

January 9, 2015

We’ve got an update for you today on a project we first told you about last summer.

Work started about a year ago to expand US 89 from two lanes to four lanes through the community of Cameron within the Navajo Nation, about 60 miles north of Flagstaff.

As you can see in the video above, things are progressing...

“They’ve completed the roundabout at Highway 64 and US 89, so traffic’s utilizing that,” says project supervisor Rick Schilke in the video. “We finished up most of the northbound alignment, so we switched traffic onto the northbound so we can start the southbound.”

Work also includes the removal and replacement of the existing Cameron Truss Bridge with two new bridges (one going north and one headed south) at that location.

“The (new) bridge itself won’t be in use until probably the end of March,” Schilke says in the video. “It’s currently a two-lane bridge that was built in 1959. It’s a steel truss bridge that’s only 26-feet wide curb to curb and there’s no pedestrian walkways on it. The new bridge will be two 12-foot lanes with shoulders and a six-foot walkway on the east side and then, once that’s complete, we’ll take down the existing bridge all the way to below the surface and build an almost identical bridge without the walkway for southbound.”

Additional project improvements include new sidewalks, streetlights and four pedestrian/livestock underpasses.

See additional photos of the project on ADOT’s Flickr page.

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