Removing detours for new drivers at MVD

Removing detours for new drivers at MVD

October 20, 2016

Chandler MVD

By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications

We all remember that red-letter day when we walked into the Motor Vehicle office and proudly showed that we were ready to get our driver license because, by golly, we had passed both drivers’ education and a road test!

Fun times for sure.

Now to be honest, until recently there was a chance that ADOT’s Motor Vehicle Division might put the, ahem, brakes on your celebration, if only for a few minutes.

That’s because if you got drivers ed at a private driving school (which these days means most people), MVD might randomly select you for another road test just to make sure you were well-taught.

But it didn’t seem sporting to make sure the school is doing things the right way by putting you through another road test. So, as we announced today, MVD has stopped doing that because there are other ways to make sure the schools are up to snuff. We’d rather have you spend less time in line and get you safely on the road.

Just one more way MVD is ahead of the curve.