CADD Standards (Traffic Engineering)

CADD Standards (Traffic Engineering)

Traffic Engineering Construction Standards Index Sheets

Sheets 1-B and 1-C are placed in the plan set after the face sheet and before the design sheets. It is the designer’s responsibility to check these sheets to ensure they list the ADOT Standard drawings actually used in the design. If for some reason, you have approval to use an older standard drawing, the sheet may be edited to reflect the standard drawing actually used. Signify that you have checked the sheets, and they are correct by signing and dating the lower right corner. It is only necessary to include the sheets, that list the standard drawings actually used in the project. That is, if there is no Traffic Electrical work in the design project, then you would omit Sheet 1-C, Traffic Signal and Lighting Standard Drawings. Because standard drawings are updated frequently, it is important to assure yourself that you have the most recent version of these sheets. Check the revision date on the web site.


Traffic Engineering Plan Sheet Notes
Files Revised
DISCLAIMER - Notes 05/20/2014
Department Furnished Plan Sheet Notes 05/20/2014
Interconnect Conduit Notes 05/20/2014
Loop Detector Replacement Notes 05/20/2014
Pavement Marking Notes 05/20/2014
Plan Sheet Notes  05/20/2014
Pole Schedule Notes 05/20/2014
Remove and Salvage Notes 05/20/2014
Roadway Lighting General Notes 05/20/2014
Signing Notes 10/05/2021
Traffic Control Notes 05/20/2014
Underground Conduit Notes 05/20/2014


These notes are provided only as a general guideline for Traffic Engineering projects and will vary based on specifics in the project. These notes are to be used based on the Designers judgment.

Traffic Engineering CADD Development Files 

Files Read Me File Revised
Traffic/DEV/Printers folder Traffic-Printers.txt 03/06/2006
Traffic/DEV/MDL folder Traffic-MDL.txt 03/06/2006
Traffic/DEV/VBA folder   04/17/2015

Traffic Engineering CADD Development Files

  File Revised
Traffic Control/Pavement Marking/Accident Cell Library 05/20/2014
Electrical Cell Library tsl_v8i.cel 05/20/2014
Signing Cell Libraries (English)(MOAS) 05/20/2014
DISCLAIMER - Cells DISCLAIMER - Cells 05/20/2014

Traffic SignCAD Standards 

Traffic Engineering Line Styles
  File Revised
Traffic Line Style Library traf_V8i.rsc 05/20/2014
  File Revised
SignCad into Microstation Sign Format Plan Sheet Settings Sign_Format_Sheet.pdf 08/2009

Traffic CADD Standard Example Drawings with Element Information 

  File Revised
ADOT Traffic Menu ADOT Traffic Menu.dgnlib 05/20/2014
DISCLAIMER - Guide DISCLAIMER - Guide 05/20/2014
DISCLAIMER - Menu DISCLAIMER - Menu 05/20/2014
Traffic Design Group Drafting Guide Traffic Drafting Guide 05/20/2014

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