Material Source Guidance

For any given project, the contractor supplies the needed materials by using either an ADOT-licensed source or a contractor-furnished source. Whether the material source is an ADOT-licensed source or contractor-furnished source, it requires environmental approval prior to every use.

Contractor-Furnished Material Sources

These material sources are privately owned, whether by the contractor or another private party. The initial clearance document includes the Material Source Environmental Analysis Application. For subsequent uses, the completion of the Environmental Analysis Update form may be appropriate.

  • Overview of the Application Process: Contact Information
    Contractor-Furnished Material Sources must go through a multiple-step process in order to obtain environmental clearance for use on ADOT projects.
  • Material Source Environmental Analysis Application
    All applicants shall use this Material Source Environmental Analysis Application form to initiate the ADOT Environmental Analysis process in accordance with the ADOT specifications. As a reminder, state, vicinity, and site maps are required with each application. Be sure to illustrate the haul road on the vicinity and site maps. Please note that the cultural survey and other questions, such as the ones pertaining to Threatened & Endangered Species or Clean Water Act Permitting, require that the haul road and the entire proposed material source area be included in the evaluations and surveys. (ADOT defines a haul road as a road leading from a government-maintained road to the material source.)
  • Material Source Environmental Analysis Update  Word | PDF
    For each project, the ADOT contractor electing to provide material from a contractor-furnished source must submit the Material Source Environmental Analysis Update form to the project Resident Engineer. In so doing, the Contractor agrees to the compliance measures, including any and all mitigation measures, stipulated in the original Environmental Analysis. Additional requirements regarding supplying material to ADOT for a project are included in the bid package and the ADOT specifications (link below). Copies of the original Environmental Analysis and information on mitigation measures may be obtained by contacting the Environmental Planning Group at the address given above.
  • Sample Maps for Material Sources Applications
    This download contains the type of maps with relevant details that are expected when preparing material sources applications. When using these maps, please keep in mind some important information: the State Map should reflect the location within the state; the Vicinity Map should indicate the site outline and any access road (provide name, if road has a name) to the main highway, which should be depicted as relative to a town or city; and the Site Plan should show features of the site (such as the entrance, equipment area, stockpile area, office area, etc., as applicable, and projected for the future).
  • List of Contractor-Furnished Material Sources That Have Completed the Environmental Analysis and Cultural Consultation Process
    This report lists those contractor-furnished material sources that have previously completed an Environmental Analysis including the cultural consultation process. Being on this list does not guarantee that the material source will be available for all projects. The Resident Engineer has final approval.
  • Qualifications for Archaeologists
    The attached documents outline the qualifications for archaeologists to be recognized by SHPO.
  • State Historic Preservation Office Administrative Procedures
    These procedures assist the archaeologist in preparing cultural resource survey reports for consultation with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).
  • ADOT Specification 104.12
    This is the official reference for preparing Environmental Analysis documents for Contractor-Furnished Material Sources. Specification 104.12
  • ADOT Specification 1001
    This is the official reference for guidelines for electing to provide material to ADOT.