Sustainable Transportation

Arizona’s transportation infrastructure is spread over 114,000 square miles, operates from sea level to 6,000 feet and withstands temperatures that range from below 0°F to over 120°F. Maintaining optimum health and performance of this infrastructure is critical to Arizona’s economic vitality, quality of life, and natural and built environments.

Various  ADOT Programs are in place to help support our infrastructure:

Sustainable Transportation Program

ADOT recognizes the critical need to plan and prioritize resources more efficiently in order to maintain and operate a robust, economically beneficial transportation network and has moved from the early stages of identifying sustainable strategies to operationalizing a sustainable transportation program into core administrative, planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance activities. 

Sustainable Pavement Program

As part of its Sustainable Pavement Program, ADOT considers sustainable pavements for its projects. The sustainable pavements are used when they are the best option available.  

Resilience Program

 ADOT developed the Resilience Program to support its mission to provide a safe, efficient, cost effective transportation system can be compromised from the effects of heat extremes, dust storms, wildfires, flooding, landslides, rockfall incidents, and slope failures, and cope with the ever-growing cost of these threats.