FAQ - Driver Services - Ignition Interlock

Why do I have to have an interlock installed on my vehicle?

ARS 28-1461 requires installation and maintenance of an interlock when your driving privilege is limited or restricted after being convicted of a certain alcohol and/or drug related violation.

I have already reinstated my driver license privilege and I have received an order to install an interlock. What happens if I don’t get an interlock installed after receiving an order?

An interlock must be installed within 30 days after the date of an order. Failure to have the device installed on or before that deadline will result in the immediate suspension of your Arizona driver license or driving privilege.

What will happen if I'm caught driving a different vehicle without the interlock?

Upon conviction of driving without an interlock, your requirement to maintain an interlock will be extended for one additional year after your original restriction would have ended.

What do I do if ordered to install an interlock on my vehicle and I don’t have a car?

ARS 28-1461 requires that your driving privilege remain suspended or revoked until we receive proof of a functioning interlock in each motor vehicle you operate (even though you may not be the registered owner). The law requires use of the interlock for at least one year from the date that your driving privilege is reinstated or from the date we receive the report of conviction, whichever occurs later. If you have no vehicle, or do not intend to operate a vehicle, your driving privilege will remain suspended or revoked until you are ready to install an interlock and reinstate your driving privilege.

Do I need to notify you that I had the interlock installed?

Your installer will electronically notify us within 24 hours of the installation. If you wish to reinstate your driving privilege before we are notified electronically, you may show us your copy of the installation verification form provided to you by your installer.

I had an interlock installed, but I received a notice stating that I had not yet installed the device. What do I do?

Contact your interlock installer, or show us your copy of the installation verification form provided to you by your installer.

Do you monitor the interlock?

Yes. The interlock installer will electronically send periodic reports of your interlock usage to us. If those reports indicate a failure to comply with interlock requirements, tampering, circumvention, or certain other violations, we may issue an order extending your interlock requirement for an additional 12 months.

Am I eligible for a special restricted driver license?

We will send a notice of eligibility to those qualified for the special restricted driver license. Contact us to verify whether or not you are eligible for the special restricted driver license. If you are eligible, we will tell you how to apply.

I have a special restricted driver license. If I decide to quit driving before the restricted license time is over, what do I need to do?

Over 21: A person, except an underage licensee restricted pursuant to ARS 28‑3320 or ARS 28‑3322, may voluntarily cancel and surrender the special restricted driver license to us at any time during the restricted period. The person must provide us with a completed Driver License / ID Cancellation Request form.

Under 21: A restricted underage licensee who has obtained a special restricted driver license and wishes to cancel, must petition the court for permission to cancel the restricted license. If approved by the court, you may surrender your special restricted driver license to us. You will not be eligible to apply for a new license until your suspension or revocation period is over, even if the special restricted driver license is surrendered. If court approved, provide the court abstract along with your restricted license.

I have a commercial driver license. Am I eligible to obtain a special restricted driver license?

Only drivers with a Class D or Class G driver license may be eligible for a special restricted driver license under Arizona law.

What if I own the company and drive the company truck, can I complete the Ignition Interlock Employer Notification form?

No, if you are the owner and drive the vehicle, you must install the interlock and follow all requirements.

How will I fulfill my interlock requirement if I move out of state?

Arizona requirements still need to be maintained. Contact the manufacturer of your interlock to locate an authorized interlock installer in your new state that will continue to provide the required services. It is your responsibility to work with your interlock manufacturer and authorized installer to provide us with all required electronic reporting until completion of your interlock requirement.

I'm required to have an interlock installed because of a violation in Arizona, but I live in another state. Do I have to go to Arizona to have an interlock installed?

No, contact the interlock manufacturers to locate an authorized interlock installer in your state that will provide all interlock services required by the state of Arizona. It is your responsibility to work with your interlock manufacturer and authorized installer to provide us with all required electronic reporting until completion of your interlock requirement.

My out-of-state interlock installer refuses to provide you with appropriate reports of my accuracy and compliance checks. How can I ensure that Arizona knows I’m complying?

Contact your interlock manufacturer. Arizona Administrative Code R17‑5‑610 requires interlock manufacturers to electronically transmit accuracy and compliance check information to us, or ensure that their authorized installers electronically transmit the information to us.

What happens if I fail the breath test?

The interlock will enter a lockout period for failed breath alcohol tests. Contact your installer with any questions regarding lockout.

What kind of violations will cause you to extend my interlock requirement?

The most common violation is a failure to complete a rolling retest. Other violations include driving a vehicle without an interlock installed, starting the vehicle without providing a test, attempting to operate the vehicle with alcohol on the operator's breath, or disconnecting the device. Refer to the interlock installer's instructions for specific details.

I received notice that another year will be added to my interlock requirement for tampering, circumvention, or refusing a rolling retest. Who do I contact to dispute this action?

We take action based on information provided by your installer after your last compliance check. Contact your installer to verify the accuracy of the information provided. If your installer is unable to resolve the issue, request a hearing from the Executive Hearing Office.

I received an interlock extension order and have requested a hearing. Do I need to keep the interlock on my car while waiting for the hearing for the extension order?

There is no simple answer to this question. Of course, you must keep the interlock installed until the end of the original requirement period. If you are still waiting for your hearing when the original period expires and you keep the device installed, you will be responsible for the additional maintenance expenses. If you remove the interlock and the decision of the hearing office is not in your favor, you must have the interlock re-installed (at your own expense) to begin the extension requirement.

Who may I contact for any hearing-related questions?

If my vehicle has been sold, wrecked, stolen or needs repairs, what steps should be taken?

If your vehicle has been sold, you must have the device removed by your authorized installer. You will have 72 hours to have the device re-installed into another vehicle. If the device is not re-installed, your driving privilege will be suspended until re-installation is verified.

If your vehicle is stolen, contact your installer to determine a course of action. You will still be responsible for complying with the interlock requirement.

If your vehicle is wrecked, contact your installer so that the device can be retrieved and re-installed in different vehicle. You will still be responsible for complying with the interlock requirement.

If your vehicle needs repairs, since the disconnection of a car battery could be interpreted by the device as tampering or circumvention, we strongly suggest that you notify your installer before performing vehicle maintenance, service or repairs that could involve disconnecting the battery. Your auto repair technician can contact your installer for specific instructions on how to avoid recording erroneous violations that may trigger an extension of your interlock requirement.

I have kept my interlock for the time designated, what steps should I take before having the device removed?

Contact us to verify that you are eligible to have the interlock removed.

Why can’t I remove the interlock one year from when I had it installed?

ARS 28-3319 requires the interlock to remain installed for at least one year beginning on the date of reinstatement of your driving privilege or on the date we receive notice of your conviction, whichever occurs later.

My removal date for the interlock is next week and my installer said I had a refusal. Can I remove the interlock now?

Contact us to verify whether or not the refusal has caused your interlock requirement to be extended for an additional year.

How do I file a complaint against the interlock installer?

Mail a written complaint describing your issues and include your full name, date of birth and Arizona driver license number, as well as the name and location of the interlock installer to this address:

Ignition Interlock Unit
Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 2100
MD 530M
Phoenix, AZ 85001

Will the interlock lose all memory if the battery is disconnected?

No. The device has a battery back up to protect the data log's memory.

What if I am taking medicine with an alcohol base or recently used mouthwash?

During a training session provided by the installers, drivers are cautioned about common substances that contain alcohol, including mouthwashes and medications. If the blood alcohol concentration of the driver, as measured in the breath, is over the preset limit, the driver will not be allowed to start the vehicle.

Can I have an interlock installed on a motorcycle?

There are currently no companies in Arizona that will install an interlock device on a motorcycle. Contact an interlock installer for more information.