Medical Review FAQ

Why did I receive a request for a medical review?

If you have received a request for a medical review and/or knowledge and road test from us, it means we have received information regarding your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

The information we received likely came from law enforcement, medical professionals, insurance companies or concerned citizens.

If the requested information is not received within 45 days of the notice date, your driving privilege will be suspended and/or revoked until the information is received.

I have to make an appointment for a written, vision and road test?

If you have received a Corrective Action Notice that states you must complete any one of the following tests: written, vision, or road test with us, you do not need an appointment. You may visit any MVD office during normal business hours.

How do I report an unsafe driver?

If you have direct knowledge of a person’s medical status that would affect his or her ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, you may complete a Driver Condition / Behavior Report Information received by the Medical Review Program is subject to disclosure in accordance with state and/or federal law. Once we receive the form, our only contact will be with the driver. We will not notify you of any outcome.

How do I apply for a window tinting exemption?

You must submit a copy of the vehicle registration and a letter from your physician, stating the medical reason for the request. The information must include your name and license number. Please note this exemption does not include the front windshield of the vehicle.

Whose responsibility is it to report a driver’s medical condition?

It is the driver’s responsibility. As soon as a driver’s medical condition allows, the driver must notify the Medical Review Program (in writing or by telephone) that he or she has, or may have, a medical condition not previously reported, which affects the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Are physicians required by law to report a driver with a medical condition that may affect the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely?

No, but if a physician reports a driver in good faith, the physician is immune from civil or criminal liability for making the report.

How long do you have to be seizure-free before applying for medical clearance to resume driving?

You must be seizure-free for 90 days, but you must report the seizure to the Medical Review Program as soon as the medical condition allows. At the end of the 90 days, you will be mailed a Medical Examination Report to complete and submit to determine eligibility.

Does Arizona allow the use of Bioptic Telescopic Lens System to meet vision standards for obtaining a license?

Yes, for a noncommercial license only.