Arizona State Freight Plan

Arizona State Freight Plan

ADOT has updated the Arizona State Freight Plan, which is currently available for public review and comment. The previous plan was developed in 2017 and is updated every five years. 

The  plan establishes immediate and long-range plans for freight related transportation investments. More specifically, it identifies freight transportation facilities that are critical to the State’s economic growth and gives appropriate priority to investments in such facilities. The State Freight Plan defines investment priorities that will generate the greatest return for Arizona’s economy, while also addressing other key transportation system goals. The state’s transportation infrastructure supports Arizona’s economy by connecting production of goods to markets. Infrastructure that facilitates efficient movement of goods benefits Arizona businesses with lower transportation costs, faster service and increased reliability - fostering regional competitiveness and economic growth.

More than 60 freight industry representatives helped advise ADOT during the year-long development of the draft plan as part of ADOT’s Freight Advisory Committee (FAC). Based on the priorities developed in collaboration with the FAC, the study team identified a recommended list of projects to address freight bottlenecks and fulfill the plan goals of safety, mobility, competitiveness and stewardship. Approximately $125 million is available to Arizona in National Highway Freight Program funding for these proposed improvements.

Final Approved State Freight Plan 2022

The current final Freight Plan is available for public review. 


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