Project Deliverables - Arizona State Freight Plan

Final Approved State Freight Plan


Additional Freight Plan Resources/Documents

Project Inception

Phase 1: Define Strategic Goals and Objectives

Phase 2: Develop Inventory of State Freight Transportation Assets

Phase 3: Assess Arizona’s Freight Characteristics and Economic Context

Phase 4: Define the Freight Plan’s Policies and Strategies

Phase 5: Identify the Condition and Performance of the State Freight Transportation System

Phase 6: Develop Freight Forecasts and Scenarios

Phase 7: Define Trends, Needs and Issues

Phase 8: Assess Strengths and Weaknesses of the State’s Freight Transportation System

Phase 9: Define  the Decision Making Process and Prioritization Framework

Phase 10: Define the State Freight Transportation System Improvement Strategy

Phase 11: Develop an Actionable Implementation Plan