Adopt a Highway

Walt and Nancy Einsele with Alvin Stump, district engineer for the Northwest District, holding a sign with their names.
Walt and Nancy Einsele of Kirkland Junction have made State Route 89 near Wilhoit nicer for everyone using the highway.
Volunteer using grabbing tool to picking up litter.
Volunteer groups from around the state answered the invitation to participate in National CleanUp Day.
Prescott Litter Lifters
Prescott Adopt-a-Highway group goes back decades.
Picking up litter
Adopt a Highway volunteers now have access to frequently-used information via the ADOT mobile site homepage.
ADOT Comm Volunteers
After her first Adopt a Highway cleanup along US 60 near Wittman, an ADOT employee describes the experience and what inspired her to volunteer.
ADOT is seeking more volunteers to help clear litter from state highways.
Quick action by ADOT employees made a mother's day.
Adopt a Highway sign along side road
Hundreds of volunteers help keep Arizona's highways clean every year, saving the taxpayers money and keeping Arizona beautiful.
Certificates of Appreciation
We applaud the hard work of our Adopt a Highway volunteers who cleaned up 1,500 miles of state highway last year.
Littering Highways Unlawful $500 fine sign
Adopt a Highway volunteers made big splash in 2017, but we could use even more help.


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