Adopt a Highway

ADOT Adopt a Highway sign
Mary Currie decided early on that it was important to walk the walk, so she organized employees in her part of ADOT to adopt a mile of US 60 northwest of the Valley.
Picking up cigarette butt with grabbers
For anyone passionate about keeping state highways clean, there's now a social media hashtag just for you.
Adopt a Highway Available sign
To celebrate, we're sharing a note from ADOT to the many Adopt a Highway volunteers who help make Arizona a nicer, cleaner place.
Green Valley Adopt a Highway Volunteers
It's National Volunteer Week, so we wanted to highlight some kudos one of our Adopt a Highway volunteers in Green Valley has received.
Adopt a Highway interactive map with segment details pop up.
An easy-to-use interactive map now available on our Adopt a Highway website shows which stretches are in need of volunteers.
ADOT a Highway clean up
Now in its fourth year, one woman's dream of a one-day cleanup of all 45 miles of State Route 286 in southern Arizona is even closer to happening.
Curving section of SR 286
Most Adopt a Highway segments are 2 miles. But an upcoming volunteer cleanup along SR 286 in southern Arizona aims to tackle 45 miles.
Adopt a Highway Sign
Many of us are searching for the perfect gift on this Black Friday. Instead of naming a star for someone, how about being a start yourself by helping keep highways litter-free?
Adopt a highway sign, "Clint Fluhr, Forever in our hearst"
Over 400 groups statewide adopted their segments as a memorial or remembrance of a friend or family member close to them.


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