Courtesy photo: Arizona Animal Welfare League
Tips for keeping doggos safe when traveling on or near roadways.
State Route 24 sign
Freeway? Expressway? What's the difference and how is it related to State Route 24?
I-10 and Broadway-Belle Butte
There's something magical in a state where each new bend in the road reveals a new feast for the senses, and that magic translates magnificently into photos feature on ADOT's Flickr account. And readers like you must agree: The site recently attained 10 million page views!
Winkelman Bridge
The town of Winkelman, on the border of Pinal and Gila counties, has a distinctive bridge claim to fame. The Winkelman Bridge...
az hires vets
Hundreds of veterans work at ADOT in a variety of career fields throughout the state.
At the Arizona Department of Transportation, we are all about improving our processes whereby safety and quality are enhanced,...
Device makes repairing guardrails easier
Guardrail crabs aren't an actual crustacean, but an invention that saves times and increases safety.


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