Bicycle and Pedestrian

Bicyclist safety should be a focus for both drivers and bicyclists.
ADOTKids bicycle safety
For the #ADOTKids out there, bicycles are how you get around. Since we are interested in all forms of transportation at ADOT, here are some tips to remain safe while riding through your neighborhood!
L-202 SMF Shared use bike path 1
To build the best possible shared used path along the South Mountain Freeway, ADOT went and talked to the experts - the bicyclists and other residents who will use it.
I-19 Ajo pedestrian bridge
As we revamped Interstate 19 at Ajo Way in Tucson, we also took the opportunity to make a pedestrian bridge more accessible for everyone.
Bicyclists share the road with cars along one of Arizona's rural highways
Same road, same rules, same rights and responsibilities. We offer tips on how bikes and cars can co-exist safely.
As the summer heat fades and weather turns comfortable, bicycles will be wheeled out of garages, pulled out of storage and return to roads and trails.
The Arizona Department of Transportation unveiled a mobile-friendly online map cyclists that's compatible for iOS and Android devices.
Bicycles up against railing of Grand Canyon over look.
As temperatures cool, we see more pedestrians and cyclists on the streets, making it especially important to be mindful when sharing the road.


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