Rio de Flag bridge
If you haven't had a chance to drive over new Rio de Flag bridge, we have a preview of what you'll see once you do along with the work that went into making it happen.
ADOT investment I-40 paving bridges improvements
Let us just take a moment to say how much we love I-40. How much, you might ask? Oh, we love it to the tune of $275 million.
Pinto Creek bridge US 60 girders construction work summer 2021
Whether it's the satisfying geometry of a bridge's lines and shapes or the sheer immensity of its size, the various construction stages are a sight to see. When it comes to the new Pinto Creek Bridge on US 60, you have the added appeal of stunning desert scenery and staggering slopes set against an Arizona blue sky.
SR 189 bridge girders I-19 international commerce safety
After a year's work, the new ramps connecting SR 189 and I-19 are almost ready. And with them, a better day for commercial trucking and safety in Nogales.
Lowell Arch Bridge 2
This historical bridge built before Arizona was a state continues to support travelers in southeastern Arizona.


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