Interstate 17 bridge at Central Avenue in Phoenix
Work to build a new, larger Interstate 17 bridge over Central Avenue south of downtown Phoenix is now underway as ADOT and...
ADOT Kids bridge design
We’re excited that so many kids sent us bridge designs and asked questions about bridges.
Bridge parts
For those who want to know even more about how bridges work, we have a graphic listing bridge parts and a bunch of important terms. And don't miss our first word search!
ADOT Kids: Bridges
Learn about how ADOT builds bridges, then take a shot at completing a highway by designing your own bridge.
I-10 bridge demolition at Ruthrauff Road
Check out photos showing crews demolishing the eastbound I-10 bridge at Ruthrauff Road in Tucson to make way for a new interchange.
Winkelman bridge along SR 77
Traffic is coming to a stop at times on State Route 77 in Winkelman, but it’s for a good reason: Things are moving forward on a project to replace the bridge over the Gila River.
I-19 Ajo pedestrian bridge
As we revamped Interstate 19 at Ajo Way in Tucson, we also took the opportunity to make a pedestrian bridge more accessible for everyone.
Burro Creek construction
Here's a view that's not so common: the beginnings of the original Burro Creek bridge on US 93.
Blasting on Pinto Creek
Driving along US 60 at Pinto Creek, motorists see heavy equipment carving a road out of the rocky terrain at what might seem...


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