Motor Vehicles

Roadway stretching up to blue sky
ADOT does not administer vehicle emissions tests. But because those tests can be required to register a vehicle with our MVD, we're passing along some tips for your next visit.
MVD Director Stacey Stanton, left, with Anne Yanofsky and outgoing AAMVA Chair, Mike Robertson.
ADOT and its employees earned honors at the AAMVA 2012 International Conference held last month in North Carolina...
We’ve got an informative guest blog post to share with you today and it comes from our friends at AAA of Arizona. In it, Linda Gorman, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for AAA Arizona, writes about a recent AAA report that’s focused on the costs of driving. It’s an interesting read that follows up on our recent blog post on how transportation is funded in this state. Hope you enjoy!
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