Pedestrian Highway Beacon (PHB)

Pedestrian hybrid beacon
An ADOT study on traffic control devices to help pedestrians cross a street or highway has received a national award.
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
An ADOT project has made crossing US 70 safer for those living in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation community of Bylas.
US 70 Project Area
A $9 million ADOT project is making some big changes for the better on US 70 in Bylas, including raised medians, pedestrian walkways, a pedestrian hybrid beacon and drainage work.
San Luis street improvement
The $11 million project is designed to ease traffic congestion, enhance pedestrian safety and improve access to downtown businesses.
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
Since ADOT installed its first pedestrian hybrid beacon back in 2012, motorists have likely noticed more and more of these devices.
SR 387
A new project on SR 387 includes sidewalk and roadway improvements, along with a new pedestrian hybrid beacon.


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