Clearing snowy road
The last in a series of winter storms has moved through. Here's a look back at the snow and rain as told through tweets throughout the storm.
In these back-to-back storms, our Twitter and Facebook accounts have allowed us to share what's happening on the highways -- and for you to share with us.
Collision from snowy conditions
As Christmas weekend showed, a snowstorm can be so intense that travel can become unsafe quickly.
Snow plow
We understand the temptation, but the highway shoulder is NOT a safe place to pull over and play in the snow.
Winter Roads
While ADOT works to keep our roads drivable and safe all season, the decisions everyone else makes are equally important.
Snowplow clearing the road
When Arizona’s latest winter storm hit Sunday evening, ADOT crews went into high gear.
Yesterday and Today
Snow hasn’t changed since the 1950s, but the way ADOT clears it from the road has.


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