US 89A

Lee's Ferry 1
Visit this stop in northern Arizona that has been a center for transportation for hundreds of years.
Giant rocks were busted on US 89A
Five years ago a monsoon storm dumped mud and boulders along US 89A. That's when we got to work.
US 89A in Oak Creek | Photo courtesy of James Cowlin Photographs
An Arizona photographer has traveled tens of thousands of miles to document US 89.
Marble Canyon 1931
The "Honeymoon Trail" is just as romantic and picturesque as it was more than 100 years ago.
Mudslide Aerial View
Learn how ADOT used an explosive device the size of a shotgun shell to reopen 24 miles of US 89A after a widespread flash flood.
Sedona roundabout
Summer travel may mean driving on unfamiliar roads and encountering a different style of traffic intersection called a roundabout.


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