Wrong-Way Vehicle System

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The use of thermal detection cameras to spot wrong-way vehicles on freeway off-ramps along Phoenix-area freeways will continue...
Larger, lower wrong-way signs
Efforts to reduce the risk of crashes caused by often-impaired wrong-way drivers involve a variety of countermeasures. They...
2019 National Roadway Safety Award
They say virtue is its own award. We would say that helping everyone get home safely after a hard day's work, a weekend escape...
Copper anvil award 2019
There’s no single, engineering solution to solving wrong-way drivers. That hasn’t stopped ADOT from constructing , installing...
TransComm awards
Those on my team at ADOT know I am hesitant to brag on our success as a group of communicators. It's never about us. But that is a disservice to the accomplishments of the ADOT Communications team.
If you see your sign, here's what to do and what's happening behind the scenes.
A team from the North Texas Tollway Authority visits ADOT’s Traffic Operations Center to view the I-17 wrong-way vehicle alert system.
A recent peer-to-peer exchange brought representatives of the North Texas Tollway Authority to ADOT's Traffic Operations Center.
View from wrong way camera.
Early Monday, ADOT's I-17 wrong-way vehicle alert system alerted ADOT and DPS to a wrong-way driver on I-17. See the footage of the system's thermal cameras in action during this incident.


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