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What is a 90-Day resident registration?

An Arizona resident who does not have complete documentation for issuance of a title or registration may apply for a 90-day registration. This registration allows operation of the vehicle while obtaining additional documentation. It may be purchased at any MVD or Authorized Third Party provider. The fee is $15. When complete documentation is submitted, vehicle license taxes will be calculated, for the full year, back to the date of issuance of the 90-day registration.

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How do I renew a disability placard?

Effective October 28, 2018, the permanent disability placard no longer has an expiration date and re-certification is not required to issue a replacement.  The placard will be valid as long as the recipient qualifies. Temporary disability placards are valid for six months at which time a new certification must be completed by an authorized physician.   If you require a permanent disability placard replacement, you may apply online. There is no fee to replace a disability placard. See our Plates and Placards section for more information.

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How do I get a replacement license plate and what is the fee?

Replace your plate online at azmvdnow.gov. If it is damaged, deteriorated, or unreadable, it will be replaced with the same numbers and letters. If it has been lost or stolen, it will be replaced with new numbers and letters. You may also contact MVD or visit an Authorized Third Party office. A $5 fee will be charged (plus postage and handling). To transact by mail, send the plate application, with a check or money order for $5, plus postage and handling listed on the form.

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