ADOT Kids - Road Safety

ADOT Kids - Road Safety

Have you seen the safety messages ADOT puts on digital signs above highways?


Swipe or click to browse the freeway safety messages.

ADOT Kids: Here are your safety messages!

ADOT Kids: Safety Messages



Hey ADOT Kids! Be a SSP* while being physically active

What’s so important about being physically active? Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physical inactivity is a major contributor to health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other bad health conditions in the United States. ADOT Kids encourages safe and active transportation for kids across the state.

Hey ADOT Kids! Here are some tips on bike safety

For the #ADOTKids out there, bicycles are how you get around. Since we are interested in all forms of transportation at ADOT, here are some tips to remain safe while riding through your neighborhood!

ADOT Kids: Monsoon season is here!

In addition to learning more about monsoon season safety, we're encouraging you to create your own sign to keep people from driving into a dangerous dust storm.

ADOT Kids: Here are your safety messages!

Every one of these creative messages showed how much you all care about keeping Arizona safe. We had a great time reading them. 

ADOT Kids: There are many ways to promote safety

We hope an ADOT calendar featuring drawings and messages by children and grandchildren of our employees inspires you to find even more ways to promote safety where you live.