Driving Safety Home

Driving Safety Home

Driving Safety Home is the Arizona Department of Transportation's campaign to reduce the number of people seriously injured and killed in transportation incidents across Arizona. It's a multiyear initiative that aims to motivate positive changes in behavior through increased awareness about transportation safety.

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Driving Safety Home is voluntary and free. The only requirement is a commitment to modeling a strong safety culture no matter how, when, where or why you use transportation.



ADOT launched Driving Safety Home for its employees statewide in January 2013. During its first year, more than 2,500 employees — 60 percent of the ADOT workforce — participated. When leadership at the Federal Highway Administration in Washington, D.C., learned of the program, the agency created for its employees a similar nationwide initiative called Just Be Safe. Like Driving Safety Home, the FHWA's Just Be Safe campaign encourages leaders in the transportation community to be role models for safe behavior when using any mode of transportation.


Did You Know?

Most fatal and injury crashes and incidents are totally preventable! Simply fastening a safety belt, slowing down, wearing a helmet or waiting to send a text message can be the difference between life and death or a lifetime with a painful or debilitating injury. Through Driving Safety Home, ADOT strives to enhance awareness of transportation safety and remind everyone to make it a priority.


Take the Pledge

Print the Pledge, sign it and post it where you'll see it every day.


Access Monthly Safety Messages

Read Dallas Hammit's monthly safety messages on the Focus on driving website.