ADOT Kids Quiz: Let's trash talk about litter!

EDITOR'S NOTE: During this unprecedented time, ADOT is creating transportation activities for kids. Please visit or use the hashtag #ADOTKids on ADOT's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to see what we have going on.

By Caroline Carpenter / ADOT Communications

When ADOT talks trash, it's usually a little different than what most mean by "trash talk." When we "talk trash" it's usually about cleaning up litter along state highways and the Adopt a Highway volunteer program.

Yesterday we launched an activity for kids to submit their version of the Keep it Grand logo, reminding everyone not to litter. We can't wait to see the art you submit to [email protected]

Today we have a short quiz to test your knowledge of litter in Arizona and the Adopt a Highway program. You can get answers to the quiz on the ADOT website and the Adopt a Highway site. Good luck! If you get all the answers right, we give you permission to "talk trash!"