Haboob Haikus help spread important safety message

Haboob Haikus help spread important safety message

June 18, 2014

Dust and wind must make for some good poetic inspiration, because we’ve received so many outstanding Haboob Haikus!

This year’s submissions really have showcased the clever creativity of all you poets out there.

We thank you for helping us to spread the message and we hope you’ll continue to tell your friends and family why it’s so important to “Pull Aside, Stay Alive.”

We’ll continue to keep you updated on driving conditions and the dangers of dust storms. You can monitor travel conditions by calling 511, or by visiting You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. And, don’t forget you can find all our dust storm safety driving tips at

Now, back to those haikus…

We want to share a sample of the Haboob Haikus from this year (it was too hard to pick a favorite!).

  • Powerful nature / bad impairment of vision/ Stay off of the road!
  • Look! A big haboob / I'll speed up and outrun it… / BOOM! I'm such a boob
  • Sunset looking good / until Pig Pen’s cloud appears / Good grief, pull aside
  • Sand from the desert / an oppressive wind blowing / Pull over and live
  • Don't drive into me / Pull over and all lights off / Drive home when dust clears
  • Haboob hijacks you / Don't make it mad. Stop and wait / Patience beats haboobs
  • Haboobs are dusty / so pull aside stay alive / then go wash your car!
  • Clear and sunny day / Oh man...that's a lot of dust! / Pull over, lights off!

Did you have a favorite #HaboobHaiku this year? Let us know in the comments your No. 1 choice. And, if you haven't yet, we invite you to participate in ADOT's new online dust storm survey.