Pull Aside Stay Alive

ADOT urges drivers to be ready for dust storms, rain as monsoon season begins

With mid-June marking the official start of the monsoon season, the Arizona Department of Transportation has simple tips to help drivers stay safe when summer storms pack blinding dust and heavy rain.
PHOENIX - Arizona Department of Transportation innovations designed to improve driver safety and awareness during bad weather conditions have earned recognition from the National Weather Service...
http://azdot.gov/adotkidsA few enterprising ADOT employees have found a new way to spread the word about dust-storm safety, but they need your help to finish it!
Dust storm season will soon be upon us. Do you know what you should do if you encounter one while driving?
PHOENIX – Are you ready, Arizona? Monsoon season is back. While the exact moment of when the first massive wall of dust will rise up from the desert floor isn’t known, we do know this: It’s coming...
PHOENIX – You know not to drive into the towering wall of dust. And if a dust channel whips across a highway and engulfs your vehicle, the mantra “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” can lead you to safety.
We're counting down some of the biggest news for Arizona motorists in our Friday Five blog.
Strong winds statewide on Thursday
PHOENIX – With strong monsoon storms forecast in much of Arizona going into the weekend, be ready to pull aside and wait out extreme weather. Please heed this advice: Get off the highways when facing...
We're explaining what a dust channel is and sharing advice on what to if you unexpectedly get caught in one.