Some changes in store for the ADOT Blog

Some changes in store for the ADOT Blog

March 10, 2016

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Angela De Welles / ADOT Communications

After almost 800 posts, it’s time to change the way we do things here on the ADOT Blog…

Now, we’re not talking about anything too drastic.

We’re still going to share stories that help foster meaningful conversations about transportation – not just about a construction project that will affect your daily commute – but conversations that put people in touch with services we provide and involve people in transportation issues and solutions.

If that line sounds familiar you must be a long-time reader because it is one that we used in our very first post and it still holds true!

What’s changing is that we’re going to have more people telling those stories. In fact, you may have already noticed a few new bylines in recent days. Our hope is that these new voices give you a fresh look at what ADOT does and how we do it.

By the way, we are not going far … or, maybe we should switch things over to first-person and say, I am not going far.

I’m still here at ADOT and may even pop in to write a post every now and then!

So, thanks for reading the ADOT Blog these past five years.

I know I’ve discovered a lot about Arizona’s transportation system by writing this blog. I hope you’ve been able to learn more about the state’s transportation story by reading along. Stay tuned for new and exciting things to come!

A few of our favorite posts...

From asphalt to zipper merges and everything in between, the ADOT Blog has covered plenty of transportation topics over the years. While it’d be impossible to choose the top post, we’ve gone back and selected a few favorites.

We have to start this list off with the ADOT Blog’s very first post – this is where we spelled out all our goals for the blog.

Anything having to do with the Deck Park Tunnel is interesting to us. Through the ADOT Blog, we’ve learned how the tunnel gets clean, what its construction looked like and even why other tunnels are down there too. We celebrated the tunnel’s birthday just last year and have shared a few videos, including this one from the afternoon a produce truck spilled its contents in the westbound lanes.

We really do enjoy the science of transportation, including this post that taught us how ADOT utilizes an Accelerated Weathering Tester to foretell how well paint will hold up against the elements (trust us, it’s more interesting than it sounds).

We love the history of transportation, too. That’s why the From the Archives series is one of our favorites!

Remember Rocky the Ringtail? How about all those posts that show what it takes to move oversize loads through the state? We can’t leave out this dog rescue, or this one. OK, this list really could go on and on, but we’ll wrap it up here.

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