Oversize Loads

PHOENIX ‒ The Arizona Department of Transportation is helping urgently needed equipment reach Texas as quickly as possible by waiving fees and expediting permits so commercial vehicles hauling...
PHOENIX – With a large Navajo Nation farming operation facing an emergency due to a broken water pipeline, the Arizona Department of Transportation has arranged for two oversize loads carrying 17-foot...
An oversized load moving through the state will require a brief closure of eastbound I-10 near Benson early Sunday (Dec. 6).
Class C permits help oversize loads travel safely through the state.
A majorly massive haul consisting of one (very big) transformer is being moved (very slowly) through Arizona to its final destination in Yuma.
Now that you know a little about the ADOT permitting process involved with moving oversize loads, take a look at the latest heavy haul to cross Arizona’s highways. The video above shows just a portion of the journey this 285-ton load took beginning the first week of August.
When it comes to describing some hauls, the term “oversize load” is a major understatement. We’re talking about the enormous “super-loads” driven through the state each day. Maybe you’ve seen them on the freeways … they’re the trucks lugging gigantic transformers, generators, turbines, and even houseboats.