Inside Lane 45th Anniversary Issue
Three ADOT projects won big in a national competition last week, but the agency was also recognized in another contest.
After almost 800 posts, it’s time to change the way we do things here on the ADOT Blog.
Collage of transportation photos
We covered a lot of topics in 2015 and we thought it'd be fun to examine the top 10 things we learned last year.
On Sept. 30, awards were announced for the TransComm 2014 Skills Contest and we’re very happy to report that ADOT’s communications team took home several honors.
National Transportation Week Display from 1980
Back in May of 1980, ADOT marked National Transportation Week with this outstanding exhibit that was displayed inside Phoenix's Central Library.
TransComm Skill Awards
ADOT has been recognized for its communications efforts with six national awards, winning first-place honors in every skills contest the agency competed in.
ADOT's new blog home
If you’re reading this post it means you’ve found the ADOT Blog’s new home! So, what do you think? We really like the new space and hope you’ll take some time to look around and see how the entire ADOT website has been redesigned with you in mind.
Community Outreach
Last week, when we shared with you the long-term repair solution that has been proposed for US 89, we explained how experts studied the area for months and put together a comprehensive report that includes a major amount of geological data (seriously, the report is 463 pages).
Rendering of the proposed US 89 Landslide fix.
The geotechnical investigation on US 89 (you know – that one we’ve been blogging about since February) is complete and we’re thrilled to share news of the results.
ADOT's Twitter page
Don’t know how closely you’ve been tracking ADOT’s Twitter feed lately, but something big just happened over there. At about 7 a.m. today, ADOT’s 20,000th Tweet went out to the masses!


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