Guides and Policies - DBE Contract Compliance

BECO Connects Form

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DBE Programs Plan and Federal Resources:

2017 DBE Program Plan (FHWA, FTA, FAA)

SUP-3.05 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Policy

Specifications, Provisions, Forms and Resources:

Construction Resources:

BECO ADOT Compliance Checklist FHWA Construction Contracts

Contractors EPRISE and Prompt Pay Training Packet

Construction - EPRISE Attachments:

DBE Affidavit Form Resources

ADOT DBE Affidavit Training Video

Common Errors and Tips

Professional Service Resources:

Professional Service - EPRISE Attachments:

DBE Contract Goals:

How to Resubmit an Expired Goal Request

Attachment F – ADOT’s Approach to Setting Overall DBE Goals

Attachment G – DBE Contract Goal Setting Methodology

ADOT Resources, Guides, and Pamphlets:


BECO Complaints Form (113)

Business Engagement and Compliance Office Org Chart

ADOT Civil Rights - Title VI: Nondiscrimination Program


Payment Reporting Guide

ADOT GFE Guide - (Form 103C) Rev. 06/2/2016


Completing Monthly Audits

DBE Program Requirements for Primes

Affidavit Review and TSR Requirements

Prompt Payment and Payment Reporting