Traffic (Engineering)

Note: Many of these references are periodically updated and changed. It is the responsibility of users to make sure to use the most recent revision or edition.

ADOT Policies, Guidelines, & Procedures

Guidelines and Processes

The ADOT Traffic Engineering Guidelines and Processes (TGP) provide design and operational guidance and information on signing, markings, signals, and other items.

Making the Signs

Manual of Approved Signs

The Manual of Approved Signs (MOAS) contains layouts and design details for standard regulatory, warning, guide, and marker signs for use on State highways in Arizona.

Workers doing freeway sign maintenance

Signing and Marking Standard (SMS) Drawings

The Signing and Marking Standard (SMS) Drawings provide technical details and layouts for sign panels, sign posts, striping and pavement markers, delineators, object markers, and other commonly-used items.

Traffic signal

Signals and Lighting Standard (SLS) Drawings

The Signals and Lighting Standard (SLS) Drawings provide technical details and layouts for traffic signal and lighting poles, signal faces, cabinets, hardware, and other commonly-used items.

Arizona MUTCD Supplement Cover

Traffic Engineering References

Includes the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Arizona Supplement to the MUTCD, ADOT guidelines on temporary and work zone traffic control, school safety guidelines, and other useful references.

CADD Plan Sheet

CADD Standards

Information on index sheets, plan sheet notes, CADD files, cell libraries and line styles, and other CADD-related references.

Road sign showing roudabout

Traffic Engineering FAQ

Traffic engineering applies engineering principles that help solve transportation problems by considering the psychology and habits of the transportation system users.

Traffic Staff

Traffic Staff

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