Manuals and Agreements - Water Resources

Quality Assurance Manual

The Quality Assurance Manual (QAM), dated March 2022, is required by ADOT's Permit. The purpose of the QAM is to document ADOT policies and procedures ensuring adequate quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) for stormwater monitoring. The policies and procedures described are intended to ensure that stormwater analytical data meet the requirements of the Permit.

Erosion and Pollution Control Manual / BMP Detail Drawings

This manual will assist in the development of erosion and pollution control measures during both design and construction of roadways. It outlines ADOT's procedures for complying with water quality regulations and permits, provides a variety of available Best Management Practices (BMPs), and guidance in the selection of those BMPs on ADOT construction project. The sediment control and water quality protection BMP detail drawings are also available for download on its separate Web page. They are periodically updated. Please refer to the list of these drawings frequently for future updates.

Post-Construction Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual

This updated manual guides all staff involved in implementing new development and redevelopment projects that disturb one or more acres of land in the ADOT MS4 (municipal separate storm sewer system). The manual includes planning considerations, design standards, and maintenance needs associated with stormwater treatment features that will continue to remove pollutants in runoff after construction is completed.

Maintenance and Facilities Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual

This manual will assist the user in establishing the proper erosion and pollution control measures to be used during the maintenance of roadways and operations of facilities. It outlines ADOT’s procedures for complying with water quality regulations, and guides in the selection of BMPs for ADOT maintenance activities and agency facilities operations.

Stormwater Enforcement Response Plan

This Stormwater Enforcement Response Plan (ERP) describes enforcement procedures used by ADOT to enforce provisions of its Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) Permit No. AZS000018-2021.

Clean Water Act Guidance Manual

This manual provides an overview of Sections 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act, as they apply to Arizona Department of Transportation activities. Compliance with Sections 404 and 401 is necessary for Arizona Department of Transportation activities that involve the discharge of dredged or fill material into waters of the United States. The manual also provides general guidance on the preparation of jurisdictional delineations, Nationwide Permit Pre-Construction Notification submittals, and Individual Permit applications.

Winter Storm Management