Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits

Permits are required for any work within the state right of way such as highways, driveways, grading, fence removal or replacement, surveying and geotechnical investigation. Encroachment permits are issued by each of the respective ADOT district offices where the encroachment will be located.

To apply for an encroachment permit, please submit an application form along with a variety of supporting documents depending on the type of encroachment.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To ALL Permit Applicants:
The legal language on page two of the application has been updated. See the permit application instructions or contact your local District Permit Office for more information. 

    Special Case Requests for ADOT Encroachment Permits (Utilities)

    As of April 1, 2021, Special Case requests will be submitted using the link below. A Special Case request is defined as, “A request to install utilities in ADOT rights-of-way that is either already identified as a Special Case or does not meet the guidelines listed in the ADOT Utility and Railroad (U&RR) Accommodation Guidelines.” The URR Accommodation Guidelines can be found at the link below.