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Project Resources

Within ADOT LPA Section, the Oversight and Monitoring team has been established to coordinate and manage the oversight and monitoring activities of all local public agency (LPA) projects and programs to ensure compliance with federal regulations, laws, and policies.

Oversight and Monitoring Work Plan

Oversight and Monitoring Work Plan cover

Oversight and Monitoring Work Plan Rev. February, 2018

The Oversight and Monitoring Work Plan describes how ADOT will ensure that federal-aid projects are developed and delivered by local agencies; be administered with financial integrity; comply with federal and state requirements; and follow the guidelines outlined in ADOT’s Local Public Agency Project Manual. The work plan is intended to serve as a comprehensive monitoring and reporting document to identify the work activities, budget, schedule and resources for the ADOT LPA Section’s Oversight and Monitoring program.



Compliance General

ADOT LPA Section is responsible for ensuring that Federal-aid requirements are met on all LPA projects while partnering with LPAs and FHWA to ensure maintenance of the Regulatory Compliance Review programs.  We are also responsible for providing adequate supervision and inspection on all LPA projects.  LPA section ensures projects are managed in conformance with all applicable federal, state, local, and tribal laws, regulations, and requirements by conducting annual Regulatory Compliance Reviews and CA recertification program reviews every five years.

Helpful Compliance Related Link

Federal-aid Essentials offers a central online library of informational videos and resources, designed specifically for local public agencies.  Each video addresses a single topic-condensing the complex regulations and requirements of the Federal-aid Highway Program into easy-to-understand concepts and illustrated examples.

Federal Aid Essentials Videos by FHWA

ADOT Supporting Sections

ADOT's Supporting Sections (BECO, ROW, EP, ECS, etc.) are here to serve you! To ensure project success and compliance, take time to familiarize yourself with these valuable resources. Each ADOT section's webpage provides important information regarding federal and state laws and regulations, guidelines, and agreements that affect LPA projects. Visit the links below to discover how your project may be impacted.
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Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO)

The Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) is responsible for ensuring that ADOT, its subrecipients, contractors and consultants achieve full compliance with all applicable federal regulations related to disadvantaged and small business inclusion, equal and fair employment opportunity in contracting and on-the-job training for women and minorities in the construction trades.

Right of Way (ROW)

The Right of Way (ROW) Group is the real estate organization for ADOT. The group's primary functions include development of State Transportation Board resolutions, right of way plans, appraisals, property acquisition, condemnation, residential and business relocation, and property management.

Environmental Planning

The mission of Environmental Planning is to establish and promote environmental standards for ADOT and its customers through partnerships, education and continuous improvement.

Engineering Consultants Section

On behalf of the Arizona Department of Transportation, ADOT Engineering Consultants Section (ECS) reviews and approves an LPA’s professional architectural and/or engineering (A/E) procurement process to ensure that A/E services are procured on the basis of the firms’ demonstrated competence and qualifications for the type of professional A/E services required and at fair and reasonable prices.

Civil Rights

ADOT Civil Rights Office (CRO) works to ensure the agency's compliance with federal and state laws governing affirmative action, accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act, equal opportunity in employment, business participation and services to the public.

Utility and Railroad

ADOT Utility and Railroad - The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is charged with the responsibility of constructing and maintaining Arizona’s highways. All utility installations above or below ground are regulated by ADOT through the establishment and enforcement of specific guidelines.


ADOT Procurement -You must register your company with ProcureAZ to do business with the state of Arizona. Only registered vendors are assured of receiving notifications of Requests for Proposals and Invitations for Bid.

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