Project Management - Right of Way / Properties

Project Management - Right of Way / Properties

The Right of Way Project Management section is responsible for the right of way project coordination, property valuation and appraisal review and oversight of Local Public Agency (LPA) right of way activities and LPA Training.

Red Letter Process:  Please email any notices of a proposed development within a half mile of a state highway to [email protected].

Project coordinators are responsible for monitoring all right of way activities associated with a highway project. To see who is responsible, check the Statewide Project Coordinator Map and the Regional Freeway Project Coordinator Map (for the metro Phoenix area).


LPA Oversight and Training

The oversight of LPA right of way activities is a requirement of ADOT’s Stewardship and Oversight responsibilities with the Federal Highway Administration. The oversight responsibilities include working with LPAs on the acquisition of real property interest and providing training to the LPAs as may be needed for right of way activities on federal aid projects. The training and oversight provided to the LPA by the LPA Coordinator will allow the LPA, within their capabilities, to perform certain ROW activities on federally funded projects. To view the LPA Coordinator responsible for oversight activities within your area, check the Statewide LPA Project Coordinator Map.

Local Public Agency (LPA) Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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