General Permit Information

ATTENTION!  International Carriers with vehicles the are only registered in Mexico, MUST purchase permits through the ServiceArizona Secure Access Gateway.  All currently registered International Carriers can access their account through the secure ServiceArizona Gateway. If you are a new company registering for the first time, you MUST contact the ADOT Service Business Coordinator at [email protected] or call (602) 712.4039, to register for a new account.

Single-Trip Permits

For lawful travel to a destination within or through the state, foreign-based interstate carriers entering Arizona are required to provide evidence of a valid Arizona registration or International Registration Plan (IRP) credential and fuel tax license.


Envelope Permits

Envelope permits are issued for a nonspecific and non-reducible vehicle or cargo load that does not exceed 250,000 pounds in gross weight, 14 feet in width, 16 feet in height or 120 feet in overall length and that has at least four axles, unless otherwise approved by ADOT Enforcement and Compliance.

Registration or Use Fuel Permits

Registration and/or Use Fuel Permits are available to non-resident motor carriers who need to travel in the State of Arizona lawfully. These permits are necessary for motor carriers who do not participate and carry IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) and/or apportioned registration (IRP) credentials.  

Oversize/Overweight Permits

Oversize/overweight permits are issued for vehicle and load combinations that are within specific size and weight limits. The load must be non-reducible. Permits are issued for a Single Trip or 30 days. Oversize/overweight permits are issued only for travel on state routes, interstate routes and U.S. highways.

Class C Permits

Class C permits are required for oversized/overweight loads that are either in excess of 250,000 pounds, measure more than 120 feet in length, 16 feet in height or 14 feet in width.  "Easy" C Mobile Home Permits are also available.

Interstate Registration

Arizona law provides for a type of commercial vehicle registration that allows foreign-registered, interstate-operated vehicles to travel in this state lawfully.