Grand-35 Study

Note: ADOT has identified two potential options for improving the intersection.  For more information please visit

US 60 (Grand Avenue), 35th Avenue and Indian School Road Intersection Improvements

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), in coordination with the City of Phoenix and Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), has initiated a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and Design Concept Report (DCR) for the US 60 (Grand Avenue), 35th Avenue and Indian School Road intersection (known as the Grand-35 Study).

Study Purpose

The study will evaluate potential transportation improvements at the intersection of Grand Avenue, 35th Avenue, Indian School Road and the BNSF railroad crossing to reduce traffic congestion, enhance safety and improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

The study will evaluate raising or lowering one or more of the roadways through an underpass or overpass and evaluate improvement alternatives. The study will consider social, economic and environmental impacts of the alternatives, and refine the proposed alternatives to identify a preferred Build Alternative will be compared against a No Build (do-nothing) alternative as part of the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) document. The selected alternative will be identified in the Final Environmental Assessment document. 


Grand 35 Study Map
Grand 35 Existing Intersection Map