Grand-35 Study

US 60 (Grand Avenue), 35th Avenue and Indian School Road Intersection Improvements

Note: The study scope of work is currently being revised for the potential addition of a high capacity transit corridor in that area.

The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, in coordination with the BNSF Railway, city of Phoenix and Maricopa Association of Governments, initiated an Environmental Assessment (EA) and Design Concept Report (DCR) for the US 60 (Grand Avenue), 35th Avenue and Indian School Road intersection.

Study Purpose

The study will evaluate potential transportation improvements at the intersection of Grand Avenue, 35th Avenue, Indian School Road and the BNSF railroad crossing to reduce traffic congestion, enhance safety and improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Potential alternatives could include raising or lowering one or more of the roadways through an underpass or overpass to reduce delays and eliminate traffic crossing the BNSF railroad.

Potential improvement alternatives, including the benefits and social, economic and environmental impacts of each, will be compared against a No Build (do-nothing) alternative. The study will refine the proposed alternatives

Examples of Underpasses and Overpasses


Grand 35 Study Map
Grand 35 Existing Intersection Map

Study elements to be evaluated

  • Roadway improvements, including potential grade separation of one or more of the roadways.
  • Eliminating crossings with the BNSF Railway
  • Improving accommodations for pedestrian and bicycle facility users
  • Accommodating transit routes and users
  • Safety for roadway users
  • Future travel demand and anticipated traffic level of service
  • Potential environmental impacts and mitigation
  • Potential right of way acquisition and changes to property access
  • Minimizing impacts of project construction on traffic and adjacent properties
  • Conflicts with existing utilities


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    • Línea de Información del Proyecto ADOT: 855.712.8530
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  • By Mail: ADOT Communications, 1655 W. Jackson St., MD 126F, Phoenix, AZ 85007

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