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Bylas Bridge Graham County 2003
The Gila River is notoriously hard to build a bridge across. That's what made this extra-long bridge at Bylas so extraordinary.
This is the Gravesite of Angeline Hoagland, courtesy American Pioneer & Cemetery Research Project
Angeline Hoagland would be amazed. After all, she was but a toddler when she died near the Old Black Canyon Highway in 1889, but stories of her death – and reports of her “ghost” – are alive and kicking today.
Bridge elements with parts labeled
Ever wonder how a bridge, whether it be a stately metal connector over a canyon or a concrete slab over a wash, comes into being? And why they take the form they do? Well, let us tell you!
Ligurta Wash Bridge
All the traffic may be on Interstate 8, but that doesn't mean this 90-plus-year-old bridge a stone's throw away isn't still doing its job.
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