ADOT Bridges

They say it’s a good idea not to burn your bridges and we're inclined to agree. But if they're going to be replaced with a brand-spanking new bridge, then why not?
It may not look like much from afar ... but the Gillespie Dam bridge is a survivor in one of the most notorious bridge-problem areas in Arizona. Building on the Gila River has always been a challenge. The floodplain is a very turbulent one...
CAMP VERDE – An Arizona Department of Transportation project to improve the Verde River bridges on I-17 near Camp Verde is underway to add capping to the bridge footings in the river bed to prevent...
One of Arizona's transportation projects is up for a big award and we need your help!
The Dinnebito Wash Bridge is a vital crossing on State Route 264, the highway that links together all the Hopi villages. This is why the bridge rehabilitation project is so important.
FLAGSTAFF – The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Fourth Street Bridge replacement project in Flagstaff is receiving national recognition. The project is among a list of 12 in line for national...
A new bridge deck was poured for the project that replaces the I-17 bridge over Central Avenue.
The Gila River is notoriously hard to build a bridge across. That's what made this extra-long bridge at Bylas so extraordinary.
Angeline Hoagland would be amazed. After all, she was but a toddler when she died near the Old Black Canyon Highway in 1889, but stories of her death – and reports of her “ghost” – are alive and kicking today.
Ever wonder how a bridge, whether it be a stately metal connector over a canyon or a concrete slab over a wash, comes into being? And why they take the form they do? Well, let us tell you!