Arizona Highways 2022 calendar
Struggling to complete your holiday gift lift? Consider shopping at ADOT! Seriously.
Sacaton Rest Area
When traveling during the holiday season, spread some Christmas cheer by not driving distracted. Make use of the rest areas when nature calls, but also for making phone calls or sending texts while you’re safely off the road and not driving.
Semi-truck on freeway
ADOT is taking action to alleviate stress on commercial truck drivers and help address the nationwide supply chain crisis.
Secure your Christmas tree
Secure your Christmas tree so it gets home safely and doesn't become an ejected evergreen.
Welcome to Arizona sign
It could be said that Aaron and Natalie Merullo are a special welcoming committee for travelers crossing the stateline from Utah into Arizona.
A freshly-plowed highway near Flagstaff, surrounded by snow-covered forest.
It might seem odd for a transportation agency to spend a moment on a topic that could be outside our lane. But being thankful is something that requires a moment for everyone to slow down and think about what we can be thankful for.


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