Grand Canyon Airport

The Grand Canyon National Park Airport terminal is celebrating 55 years!
What has one our intrepid ADOT photographers captured? Learn about why these streaks of light have us up in the air!
On this day 92 years ago, the first aiport at the Grand Canyon took flight.
It might surprise many motorists to learn that ADOT has a role in aviation. The state's role dates back to 1927.
The Grand Canyon Park Airport staff and other first responders were put through their paces in August as part of triennel emergency exercise.
PHOENIX – As news about an airplane crash near the runway sets off an alarm inside the operations building at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, airport managers begin following their emergency...
In 1974, the Arizona Highway Department and the Arizona Aeronautics Department merged to become ADOT. Today our Aeronautics Group continues to serve airports statewide.
PHOENIX – Firefighters need regular training to be ready for emergencies, and that goes for the seven firefighters assigned to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Grand Canyon National Park...
The Tusayan airport, which is the state’s fourth-busiest in terms of passengers served, is owned and operated by the Arizona Department of Transportation.
ADOT has operated the Grand Canyon National Park Airport for more than 40 years. for this Throwback Thursday we look back at how this tourism destination looked back in the day.