You've mastered what to do when driving in a dust storm, but do you know how to stay safe in a downpour?
Dust Storm
Extreme summer heat has already hit the state, but that's not all the extreme weather Arizonans will face this summer. Be prepared for the weather that will come our way.
Ina Pillars
Monsoon season is around the corner and ADOT plans projects around the weather, ensuring projects are completed on time.
Thunderstorm Development
With more monsoon rain in the forecast this week, we're explaining the climatological features responsible for monsoon storms.
Dust Storm
Meteorologist Paul Panhans recently shared what forecasters look for when predicting blowing dust and where some of the trouble spots are located.
Pull Aside, Stay Alive
Drivers are reminded to ‘Pull Aside, Stay Alive’ this monsoon season.
Road visibility in a dust storm
Our new "Pull Aside, Stay Alive" video helps spread dust storm safety message.


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