Monsoon lightning
If lightning never strikes the same place twice, we're glad an ADOT weather camera was able to catch this one-in-a-million shot of a strike near Holbrook.
Stormy weather
Summer has arrived. From extreme temperatures to extremely strong storms, we all need to know how to handle summer in Arizona.
This time of year, crashes involving wildlife are more likely due to monsoon and heavy holiday-related travel. Follow these tips to avoid having a “deer in the headlights” moment.
Pump Station Trash Buildup
Think twice next time you roll down your window to toss that piece of garbage. It can interfere with freeway drainage systems during monsoon storms.
You've mastered what to do when driving in a dust storm, but do you know how to stay safe in a downpour?
Dust Storm
Extreme summer heat has already hit the state, but that's not all the extreme weather Arizonans will face this summer. Be prepared for the weather that will come our way.


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