SR 80

Tombstone, AZ
The much-romanticized Tombstone gunfight took place 140 years ago on what is now State Route 80.
Lowell Arch Bridge 2
This historical bridge built before Arizona was a state continues to support travelers in southeastern Arizona.
Leslie Canyon Bridge near Douglas Version 2
This bridge in Cochise County may not look like it has a lot to do with ADOT, but it's an example of a changing time in the world of infrastructure.
Logo on building from Lowell
Lowell, Arizona is a place out of time, a throwback to classic American design that is just one turn away from State Route 80.
Bisbee fire prevention
Wildfires are an ever-present danger in Arizona. When State Route 80, just outside Bisbee, was determined to be at high risk,...
Detour map for westbound I-10 closure
Right now, crews are working on a safety and enhancement project on SR 80 in the city of Tombstone.
Improvements to SR 80 through Tombstone include the replacement of water-damaged adobe at the base of Schieffelin Hall, one of the most significant historic buildings in “The Town Too Tough to Die.”
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