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Workers using hydrodemolition
We have a couple of new terms for you today and they both have to do with concrete.
Chevelon Creek Bridge
Crews recently removed lead paint from the 100-year-old Chevelon Creek Bridge near Winslow.
You know that there are layers of dirt and rock lie beneath the surface you drive on, but would you guess that some roads are built on top of a special material (in addition to all the dirt and rocks)?
A center lane rumble strip.
If you’ve ever drifted a little too far outside a travel lane, only to be jolted back to attention with a not-so-subtle shake, you know what rumble strips are.
Workers spraying concrete curing compound
No, this photo isn’t an example of ADOT’s latest design “statement.” Despite how it might look, the cement is not being painted a pale pink hue.
Minibenching on the I-10 Marsh Station project.
No, the stair-step design on the slope at right isn’t just for looks… The “steps” are actually referred to as minibenches and they serve as an erosion and sediment control measure on slopes.
Mound of reclaimed asphalt pavement
You’ve likely recycled plastic, glass, paper, maybe even your old electronics, but did you know ADOT recycles its old asphalt pavement?
Tools used in Time Domain Reflectometry
You might remember that we blogged about inclinometers back in February – they’re the instruments used to measure slope inclination or movement at specific locations ...
Runaway Truck Ramp sign with arrow pointing up to the right
Unless you drive a big rig, truck escape ramps probably aren’t something you think of too often ...
Close up of road pavement
After 300-plus blog posts, you’d think that by now we’d have covered everything there possibly is to know about pavement ... But you'd be wrong.


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